You Are What You Tell Yourself You Are

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“I saw a man that always worked hard / but was never satisfied with what he had. He never asked himself, “For whom am I working so hard? / Why don’t I let myself enjoy life?” / This is very sad.”   Qohelet

You are what you tell yourself you are.” Yes, a “good life” is a choice, especially in periods of ordinariness…


Craig Sager, popular and flamboyant sideline sports analyst, died of leukemia this week. He was 65. Rod Carew just received a successful heart transplant. He is 71.

I told my wife, “My ongoing thesis of the fragility of life (especially older life) is affirmed ever more regularly.” It is important to live and “enjoy life” with increasing intentionality. Ergo: Scandinavia, Season Tickets, breakfast at the Montage, painting with more diligence, significant relationships, helping/serving others, creative work on The Next Chapter, and a positive perspective.

A Matter of Perspective

Lisa, my trainer, was right when she insisted on the importance of perspective. Contentment is a choice. One has the option of a boring dissatisfied existence or making an active decision to not only enjoy life, but, as Qohelet reminds us, “tell yourself your labor is good.”

“Telling yourself” is a matter of perspective. You are what you tell yourself you are.” Yes, a “good life” is a choice, especially in periods of ordinariness, which consumes most of our time. It is our choice, our responsibility even, to make each day and each moment a time of contentment. It doesn’t require Scandinavia or some extraordinary pleasure to make my life a good life. I have only to decide to make it so, to tell myself it is so.

And then enjoy as I remain receptive to the occasional experience of awe and wonder that I miss out on when I choose the perspective of an old curmudgeon.

“The Good Life”

Choose to Make It So

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