Wonder and the Divine

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Wonder is the only adequate category by which theologians properly begin and end their work.” Belden C. Lane, The Solace of Fierce Landscapes

“… language is simply not enough to understand [the wonder of God],” argues Belden Lane. In order to comprehend “wonder of God” we must move into the realm of the ineffable, the negative way of using no words or images. We must stand alone in the desert of the mind, allowing ourselves to be “taken” afresh by the Spirit into lands inexplicable. Lands which are in truth more real than the ones we observe or describe because what we observe is only a reflection of that which is most Real—the land of the Divine.

And only there is found (or felt or sensed) the nature of the Real. Take Wonder as an example. If you think about it for just a moment, wonder is truly indescribable while, at the same time, it is perhaps the most real thing you have ever experienced. It truly exits, although somewhat intangibly, and it can never be taken away. But it still cannot be adequately described. The same is true of Love.

The Indescribable Nature of Things that Matter Most

In its essence Love is inexpressible, words fail, always. Oh yes, tomes have been written “about” Love—how it feels or what it does or chooses to do on particular occasions, but never adequately about its true nature. For… the very second you attempt to describe the nature of love (or “wonder”) you know that what you have written, or said, is sadly inadequate.

What is the wonder of “wonder?” And what is the wonder of the Divine? Words fail. Although, poetry can come close and paintings as well, but both are still deficient.

So Then… What?

So then, what remains for us to do?

It is actually rather simple. It is simply to Be, to Experience, and to Bathe… in wonder.

Wonder is Known

Only by Experience

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