When Hopeful is Not Helpful, Then What?

May 18, 2024 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

I don’t want you to feel hopeful, I want you to feel panic and do something about it!” Unknown Gen Z Person (born between 1995-2009)

Throughout the history of the world there have been dozens of times that people have declared “the end of the world is at hand.” This is even more evident when you consider the predictions of apocalyptic biblical “end times.”

Although it is certainly above my paygrade to forecast “end of the world,” without any doubt a nuclear war, a catastrophic pandemic, or world altering global climate change could radically alter the world as we know it.

When Hope Doesn’t Seem Helpful

I recently attending a webinar on this very topic. It was a college professor that told us of a young around 25 years old who laid out the gauntlet: Let’s do something.

I agree, but my question is always, “What are you suggesting that I do?” Especially when most of the problems are out of the hands of the average person. Governments, corporate management, and high-powered institutions create substantially more problems and therefore possess substantially more opportunity for seismic change than every average person combined.

When Suggested Actions Don’t Seem to Help

Okay. I could drive an electric automobile. But the downsides equal or outweigh the upsides. Other suggested actions include the use of plastics and maintaining household temperature control and many other quasi-impactful remedies that won’t solve problems by are merely ways of demonstrating identification with the problem.

Now so far, I’ve only written about climate. Regarding global pandemic or nuclear war… I can do “nada,” nothing at all, except watch and wait.

What Then?

So now… What can I do? Do I merely sit back and watch. Absolutely not! Listed below are 6 of dozens of things I can do…

    1. First, I refuse to panic.
    2. I can seek peace.
    3. I can act with kindness.
    4. I can honor all people.
    5. I can serve the underserved and under-resourced.
    6. I can pray and set the problems of the world in hands more powerful than my own.

And yes, I can hope but with regular actions of love and social responsibility. For we are a community of humans surviving on a planet in need of care and concern for more than only myself. 

When Hope Seems Not Helpful

Trying Turning Hope Into Trust in Goodness

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