Permission to Be You #1: What is Permission to Be You?

March 21, 2016 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

The Permission to Be You is a brand-new podcast and our goal is to be a place where you can uncover what it’s going to take to live the kind life that you choose. Not the life that other people have in mind for you, but the one you choose that in turn makes you feel deeply happy and self-fulfilled. Each week you’ll be joined by your hosts, Charlie Hedges and Terry Hershey.

When recalling the story of your life, you may notice one precious detail: your own heart is begging you to retake control of your life, of your personal existence. It sends you the message that it’s time to be yourself, without barriers or limits. Going back the brilliant you, a person who creates their own beauty and that which their heart desires.

There’s a voice inside all of us that’s whispering, and sometimes screaming, for freedom; there’s an ‘us’ that wants to be let out. That voice of the authentic you gets so frequently caught up in the clutter of what others expect from you and in the crazy script you hear in your head. Far too often we’re willing to accept all of that stuff in an effort simply get through our day, and that has the potential to be tragic.

We discuss a couple of real-life examples from Yo-Yo Ma to Julia Roberts, and it all goes back to one of our co-hosts favorite topics: movies! But let’s avoid getting distracted. Speaking of which, another word for clutter is distractions and boy, is our day is full of them.

One thing that everyone can relate to is clutter, but life is about navigating through it all and making intentional choices. Life demands to be lived intentionally; even though making it through the day is absolutely our goal, the goal specifically is to make it through the day in an uncluttered and meaningful manner.

There comes a time when we must dare to retake our life from the deepest, purest part of ourselves. With one goal: to be ourselves, to feel whole and at peace with the person we are and always will be.

Terry and Charlie’s final comments:

Terry: “No one else can live the life you live. And even though no human being is perfect, we always have the chance to bring what’s unique about us and to live each day in a redeeming way. I like to ask myself in the morning before I get up: What is the sound that I can make today?

Charlie: “What is the unique you? We’re different than everybody else, and the closer we come to living that out, the closer we’ll come to living the life that we love and in which we’ll find fulfillment.

Be sure to check us out at our respective e-homes, and  We look forward to starting this journey with you all. Until next time, thanks for listening.

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