We Have a Dream

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“My inspiration are men and women… who have chosen the world as the theatre of their operations… Men and women who fight the suppression of the human voice, who fight disease, illiteracy, ignorance, poverty and hunger. Some are known, others are not. Those are the people who have inspired me.” Nelson Mandela

Me and the World

In the brief history of The Next Chapter I have intentionally devoted my focus on how you can “turn the page” to the next exciting and meaningful life-changes to live a better and more fulfilled personal life.

Now… I have just left Stockholm, Sweden where I attended a photography exhibit by Albert Wiking, titled “We Have a Dream.” The exhibit offered more than one hundred brilliant 2’x3′ photographs of people who have contributed to the betterment of the world.

I walked out a changed man. Aristotle is credited with saying, “The purpose of life is to contribute to the value of society.” I hope “making a difference” becomes high on your list of objectives for your Next Chapter.

The Power of the Ordinary

We read of the Nelson Mandela’s and Martin Luther King Jr’s of the world and It’s easy to walk away with a feeling of incompetence in our personal ability to change the world. Not so! Simple acts of kindness, love and charity are all that is required. Imagine our world if every single person was kind, loving and charitable. All that is necessary is for you to make a simple decision to do so. Then do it.

But for many of us, we can certainly do more and give more. For me it is the poor and disenfranchised. I want to play my tiny role. The primary goals in our family have to do with women, children and education. Only because that is our passion. There is no end to the opportunities for you to do something, anything, to help others in need. Especially those of us that can afford nice cars and sushi dinners.

We Have a Dream

Martin Luther King Jr inspired us all with his “I have a dream” speech. Why don’t we expand his dream to “we have a dream” to play the role we can in “contributing to the value of society?” Jesus reminded us that it is “better to give than receive.” What if giving replaced taking? What if “it’s all about me” was replaced by “it’s all about us?”

I’m not preaching, I’m pleading. Big or small, you have what it takes to change the world. Can we make the dream real? I vote for “yes!”

When We All “Have a Dream”

The World Will Never Be the Same


Photo courtesy of XXX at istockphoto

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