The Value of Real Intelligence Over The Artificial Kind

March 24, 2018 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

“Our job now, isn’t to do our job. It’s to find new tasks…” Seth Godin

What you call work today will probably be outdated by 2025. The days of the 9 to 5, show up at the office, do your job, depend on long-term employment and company sponsored retirement plans are most likely going away.

The Radically Changing Workplace

The concept of “jobs” is about to be redefined. Instead of jobs, companies will hire workers to do projects or work on teams in need of their expertise and work ethic. You will work at a company for one to two years (at most) managing your “project work” until it is complete. When you will have fulfilled your contract, you will be in search of a new project either at the same company or a new company. Working remotely will be much more commonplace as well.

You will be hired for your specific skill for a specific assignment. It will be a grand time for the creative, opportunistic worker that is interested in learning, performing, and doing good for the world.

I know this sounds like heaven to the Millennial and hell to the Baby Boomer. But reality is reality. For more on this subject please check out my podcast with my fabulous Talent Search expert Sherry Benjamins as we go into detail on the topic of “Work Reimagined.”

The HEART of the Matter

As well, the rising concern over the threat of robots and Artificial Intelligence only increases as we near the mid 2020’s. The fear is that robots will replace humans in the workplace leaving so many people without jobs. But I’m not convinced that is true. I don’t believe Artificial Intelligence can replace the value-add creativity that humans bring to the workplace.

In fact, I think just the opposite. New and exciting work for people will emerge. Note the remainder of the quote above by marketing and business genius/guru Seth Godin:

“Our job now, isn’t to do our job. It’s to find new tasks, human tasks, faster than the computer takes the old ones away. Too often, people are displaced and then give up. We can still add value, but we need to do it differently, more bravely, and with ever more insight.”


I am most attracted by Seth’s words that humans can do new jobs “differently, more bravely, and with ever more insight.” Humans bring unique skills and talents that computers cannot. Humans will always bring original beauty and art to the planet. Humans bring problem solving insights that value life and the people of life. Humans bring a sense of purpose and meaning that I believe is only human and is yet to be tapped deeply.

You bring extraordinary value because you have a body, an unexplored brain, and a mysteriously resonant soul. Computers will not have soul—that deeply human capacity to love and care, AND do something about it.

Do I fear robots and Artificial Intelligence? Hell no. In fact, I look forward to mechanical entities to do the BS tasks that I don’t want to do, giving me time to be “fully human,” enjoying life and creatively making my world a better place.

Robots are my toys and tools, not my rulers.

Women and Men are Irreplaceable

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