Trust: The Rock of Relationships

November 4, 2018 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Most good relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. Mona Sutphen

I am currently standing at the site of the installation of a new clean water well in the heart of rural Uganda. This well will provide water to a village community of more than 1000 people. The funds for this well were provided by a generous done to our non-profit, Wells of life. This donor trusts that we will deliver a well of this community.

The installation of the well takes about two days, including drilling time. As I stand at the site of the well, several issues come to mind and by the end of the day I came to the realization that the whole process is based on trust. The donor trusts us to oversee the construction of a well and Wells of Life trusts the contractors to do their job with excellence.

Without Trust the Whole Process Falls Apart 

Let me explain.

We have a contractor that drills a well up to 250 feet deep and he has subcontractors that ensure the well is functional and to install a well and pump for the people to access clean water. The donor trusts us to provide a well, we trust the contractor to drill the well, ensure that it is operational and finally to install a pump so the villagers can access the water.

The installation of the pump is a precise process and doing it correctly is essential to produce potable water for the community. I have already seen enough to know that the service of WOL and its contractors is quite professional and quite a lot of work. I also realize that the selection of contractors must be accomplished with care and due diligence because we are not always around to supervise. We must trust their competence and integrity.

Much of our work is based on trust. Yes, of course we have a legal agreement but that is still only paperwork. Trust is the key determinate in how well the work proceeds according to our contract.

Who Do You Trust?

All of this leads me to conclusion that trust is a key factor in most relationships—business and personal. We trust business partners/contractors to honor their agreements; we trust friends to give support and maintain confidentiality; we trust spouses to honor, love and support us; we trust ourselves to live up to our personal goals and disciplines. Yes, life revolves, almost unwittingly, around trust.


The Foundation of All Life


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