Thinking from the Feeling Side

December 15, 2018 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

“Only emotion endures.” Ezra Pound

According to the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) there are two preferential and polar ways to make a decision: from thinking or from feeling. One is logical and analytical while the other is intuitive and core-values based. Neither is a better way to make a decision. Simply two different styles.

Now, in our American productivity-based culture “thinking” is often valued more than “feeling” as the best way to make decisions. Like Jack Webb (a long way back), “Just the facts ma’am.” But it was one of my advisors, Taryn Voget, who encouraged me to lean more toward the feeling side of my nature and not be so “clinical” about the way I manage my life.

Life Planning or Not

I am the type of person who creates annual planning that goes deep into my desires and objectives concerning things that might keep me productive, passionate, people-focused (without tainting my true introverted proclivities), and faith-based. Call them my 4 P’s: passion, purpose, people, and praise. (You can find out all about them on my website at And if you sign up there are exercises for you to incorporate these into YOUR life.)

But this year I have decided to lighten up a bit on the life planning and just allow life itself to direct my way. I’ve also let go of some of my anal checklists. Actually this is not totally new. I did most of last year the same way (for the most part).

On Giving “Feeling” It’s Place in My Life

I have decided to allow my feelings to persuade my mode of thinking and have not regretted it in the slightest. Like Ezra Pound said, “Only emotion endures.” In the end it will not be so much about what we thought, but how we felt. Like it or not, our emotions carry tremendous weight in our daily lives.

Taryn’s advice to me more than a year ago has truly impacted my joy of life—WHEN I PAY ATTENTION!

So what was her life-changing advice to me personally? I have elected to simply offer you the brief notes because they are so self descriptive. Check it out.

What is the Feeling Side?




From the heart, not the head

Actions to Consider

Lose the whole “life-planning” routine

Lose accomplishment goals

Rely on the moment, spontaneity and intuition

Stick with creative routines that embrace and encourage matters of the heart

The message is one of heart-felt direction as opposed to a head-directed mission.

Allow the attractions of the day to be your delight.

When It Comes to Thinking Your Way Through

Perhaps Your FEELINGS Offer a Better Way


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