The Way of the Chrysalis

April 27, 2024 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

All that is, is becoming. Though metamorphosis upsets the balance and shocks the multitudes, life keeps tipping toward grace… everything is a chrysalis. Even you.” Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Richard Rohr is quite fond of speaking about a grand truth of life which he labels as a system of order, disorder, and reorder. Like a chrysalis, life is always evolving. Always moving, bit by bit, even further toward grace, no matter the current condition or the change. What is evident in the external world is only grist for the leanings of our interior world.

Everyday Life Disruptions

In my podcast recording last week my guest, Wendy Hooper Ross, and I chatted about the upheaval of what was once “the order” of residential real estate. Buying a house was once an early step to achieving the American Dream of self-reliance. But that reality is now in the state of “disorder”—a totally new awakening regarding home ownership.

For, in today’s market we must come to grips with the truth of the inability of the majority of people to buy new homes, considering high price, high down payments, and high interest rates. And in larger cities, the cost of renting is nearly impossible. (Please check out the upcoming podcast with Wendy which will go live on Thursday, May 2, 2024.)

Adapting to Surprise

But what if, in our state of disorder, we look forward to “reorder”—a new state of reality, one that does not even resemble the past? What if we were to look at this as a state of disorder with future-oriented lenses that will eventually move us to a new “reordering”? We don’t know what the future will hold except that it absolutely will not replicate the past.

As we anticipate the future or maybe we are better off not even anticipating it, but rather simply being open to it, whatever it may hold. Always ready for us to adapt and respond. And always ready for the surprise, from the God of surprises. “Let it be,” says Lennon and McCartney.

We Always Have Choice: Adapt or Not

The metaphor of the chrysalis is brilliant to a point because what may emerge may not be the butterfly we expected but something altogether different. One thing is for sure, it will emerge in the will of God… which is ours to accept or to whine about. Tis better to go with the former.

It Will Be

So, Adapt to the Process

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