The Hardest Things in Life are Usually the Right Things

December 31, 2014 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Pam and I are at our annual retreat planning 2015 and how it’s going to directly impact this blog.

I think I need to make one thing clear as the New Year begins.

I love life. I love living it with gusto and freedom, but also with a deep sense of purpose. Living with purpose requires effort. Yuck! Except…it’s actually fun. It’s really fun being a “difference-maker!” But you gotta be ready to do the work.

I think you have to be a searcher for more meaning in life to read this blog. You’ll have to be a fearless searcher to implement the ideas I will put forth because the kind of change I’ll be proposing takes work and stamina and belief. But the result is worth it. You’ll be a different person. 

Significance Requires Sacrifice

I’m not about to offer you “The 10 Easy Ways to Live the Life of Your Dreams.” Instead, you might get something like “The 3 Hardest Things You’ll Ever Have to Do,” but your life will never be the same if you do them.

I’m looking for difference-makers. I’m looking for people who are willing to pay a price for personal growth and social impact. I just wrote a friend telling her that I’d love to have readers who are prepared to get off their ass and make a difference by making significant life-changes and life-sacrifices.

Every single person you admire lives a driven life—musicians, artists, philanthropists, and athletes. They start their day early and work late. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of these kinds of people at a company in California. This company has the ultimate goal to not only land on another planet but to colonize the effin place! And you know what? They’re insane enough to believe they can do it!

You don’t see them working 40 hour workweeks. You don’t see them accepting status quo. And you don’t see them fearful of stating their outrageous goal. You know why? Those crazy crackers actually BELIEVE they can do it. They work crazy hours with crazy deadlines and they love it! Because they believe they are part of something that will change the world… drastically! You can do the same!


I have two questions:

  1. Are you happy and you know it? Or
  2. Are you hungry and you show it?

If you’re happy. Congratulations. You achieved the American Dream. I’m glad for you. But I’m probably not your guy. If you’re hungry for more life, you’re my kind of person. You and I will never be fully satisfied because there will always be someone else we can help, some organization that needs our service, some country that is just dying for us to visit, some object of beauty with tears in its eyes because we’re not there to appreciate it.

I’m not looking for normal people. I’m looking for significant ones who want to be even more significant, who know there’s more to life than they have right now, who care about people and the planet. Is that you?

I also want to be with fun people. The fun and crazy kind; serious but not too serious. Serious impact actually requires not taking yourself too seriously. It’s counterintuitive. The more fun and crazy we are, the bigger the difference we can make.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m nuts. But I have this feeling that what Right Things (and you) can do is good and right and needs to be done and needs to be done with excellence. Please know that we are not about to be like the hyper ADD life coach evangelists, nor will we be the boring blog makers that have thousands of constituents producing identical sites with identical content, and identical marketing.

We’re revolutionaries. We are trying to give people resources to change the world and change themselves. So that when we’re 90 years old we can look back at our lives with a giant heart, filled with goodness and joy and significance.

So… are you in? If you’re in, then buckle up cause you’re going to have the ride of your life.

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