The Best is Birthed by the Least

June 15, 2024 by Charlie Hedges − 2 Comments

We all kneel as closely to the ground as we can, with ears alert, listening for something we cannot name.” The Solace of Fierce Landscapes, Belden C. Lane

For a few years now I have rather successfully resisted my American temptation toward setting goals. I really no longer live by goals as much as I do by aims, hopes, and intentions—less focus on predetermined activities than on simply fondling a life well-lived.

The Everydayness of Every Day

Still, my resistance to goal setting does not relieve me of obligations or commitments. I live a life of patterns: I wake, do my routines, and slide over to my office to work on any tasks or commitments. Now that I am on temporary break from online Spanish classes, I have freed up 90 minutes every Tuesday and Friday. Today, Saturday, my only “must do” is to write and post a blog (of which I am unsure of the topic).

Wondering What to Do Today

This morning, I sit, wondering what to do with myself bedsides clean up, make the bed, start the laundry, pray, go out to get a latte, and then write. I will watch the baseball game as I write and before you know it, the time will come to meet the Wiests for dinner.

Somehow it feels like there should be more to it than a handful of mechanical activities. Oh yes, I will read from Fierce Landscapes before I write. I will most certainly be inspired by Belden’s writing, but most likely not for a blog. Who knows?

But is that not the essence of real life? Just a confluence or litany of things done well (including the laundry) in a very present state of awareness. To honor the moment and the peace to do little or nothing of consequence except “to be.” Free, unencumbered, and at peace.

When the Everyday Births Creativity

Damn if that doesn’t sound like a good day. Why doesn’t it feel so good? Instead, I am feeling a bit non-plussed, as if there should be more to my day. But, I wonder, more of what?

This morning, I listened to a brilliant recording produced by Gene Keys that reminded me: Times of numbness and emptiness are necessary “gaps.” Lean into them for as long as necessary. For… out of the nothingness comes vibrant creativity.

And Then IT Comes

So… my day today will go like this: make the bed, clean up, dress, do laundry, pray, get a latte, watch Austin’s baseball game, and write, and then see what time it is and prepare to go to dinner with Wiests.

Hmm… sounds like a pretty damn good day, especially with the gift of numbness and emptiness! And consider that even more is to come when the “gap” slowly (or suddenly) closes, and the creativity begins to emerge… like right this moment!   

Out of The Empty Ordinary

Comes… Wonder

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2 thoughts on “The Best is Birthed by the Least”

  1. Charlie- thanks, I needed this perspective for the week ahead …. “the gift of numbness and emptines”….. I like that idea


    1. I so agree Cathrene. I had never thought of the ideas of “gaps.” Creativity needs time to stew… in the gaps of emptiness and numbness. It’s funny, most of this was never intended to be a blog. It came from my morning journal as I began lamenting same ole, same ole, and then I listened to a brilliant piece by Richard Rudd of Gene Keys. Revolutionary and yet profoundly mundane

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