The Age of Imagination

February 10, 2024 by Charlie Hedges − 2 Comments

What we are experiencing today is more than the Great Resignation and it’s more than the Great Reset. It is all about reimagining.Futurist Bob Johansen

For me, futurist Bob Johansen offers a message of hope. Yes, we live in the most troubling of times, perhaps ever faced by human civilization. Many of the social structures upon which we have set our hopes and our safety are rapidly disappearing. In last week’s post I talked about our discontent with media and government and religion. We are witnessing the gradual (yet imminent) demise of each.

And in that demise, we have become somewhat unmoored, having lost grip of the anchors that once settled American society. Where does that leave us if not with an internal longing for something (or someone) to trust?

What Can YOU Do?

What, then, can we do when common choices are bleak? What if media, government, and religion are broken and in need of a total remake or even a total dissolution? What can we do next? Maybe even better, what can you do next?

The time has come for each of us to begin a process of “reimagining” what our own world might look like. The gut-wrenching needs that you must address are your fundamental human needs of purpose, love, and hope. Upon what can you once again anchor yourself?

Who Can YOU Trust?

Hmm. That is indeed the question and although several ideas pop up in my imagination, ultimately, I have nowhere else to go except reliance some sort of divinity. I am at a loss without a good Creator; that is, a Creator with good intentions for the creation.

However… The Creator upon whom I trust my life must be “reimagined.” No more the great white despot, and no more motivating people with threats of hell and recrimination. Instead, I turn to teachers of the Way of God from a thousand years ago… teachers not swayed by authoritative resistance or threats of persecution. Teachers that are today called the Mystics.

These teachers are rising once again in mass, after centuries of public slumber. Teresa of Avila, Julian of Norwich, and John of the Cross come to mind. Two themes are replete with the Mystics: (1) Seek an active love of God, and (2) Serve others habitually.

Love Any Way

Yes, the time for reimagining is upon us. Much of what we counted on in the past demands reinterpretation. Although our despair with so many institutions is not new, the consequences are different and most likely even more dire.

“Thought” is made perfect through acts of kindness and love. Perhaps we just might find comfort and even blessing in love and kindness. And THAT is the theme for the next chapter of The Next Chapter with Charlie: To discover Divinity in your daily life.

First You Reimagine Divinity

Then You Reassemble Thoughts and Actions

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2 thoughts on “The Age of Imagination”

  1. Very good article, and I really like the picture accompanying it. Very dramatic. I would title it @
    “The of the coming of the spirit“.

    Best to you and your family.

    Pete Callahan

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