Surprised by Beauty

January 30, 2021 by Charlie Hedges − 3 Comments

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed… only if there is a light from within.  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

My friend and best man, Wayne Herman, recently visited his father shortly before his death at 91. At the Memorial Service, Wayne told me, several people agreed that Carl always had an endearing “twinkle in his eye.” You never knew if he was up to mischief or if he was just feeling the beauty of life.

The Simple Pleasure of Being

It immediately occurred to me: So that’s where he got it! Because Wayne obviously inherited that same twinkle his father possessed. Always, and I mean always, with an almost impish smile on his face, Wayne Herman personifies joy and the simple pleasure of being. And by doing so, he inspires a rare sense of beauty within the hearts of everyone he meets.

Even after knowing him for almost four decades, I never really thought much about his gift of beauty and delight, until he told me about his father. I do know that after meeting with Wayne and Jenny, you always feel better than you did before the engagement. Yes, you are almost unwittingly transformed by his surprising twinkle. And damn, it just makes you feel good.

Seeing the Light Within

Kubler-Ross captured the mystery of the twinkle when she wrote that true beauty is revealed “only if there is a light from within.” Although it is vital to note that such a “light within” is not reserved for special people, it does require a mind shift—a move from cynicism and opposition to openness and receptivity to beauty.

Jesus implored us not to hide our light, but to Let it Shine. The assumption is that we do indeed already have a light within. However, sometimes our light can be clouded by a cacophony of pain or remorse. So, letting our light shine becomes a conscious choice to find the good in ourselves as a means to discover the good in others.

Yes. It begins by accepting the good within yourself. No matter what you may think, you do possess goodness and love and generosity; you have your own beauty, and that fact may surprise you, but “surprise” does not discount the truth.

On Finding Your Light

I know this to be true from recent personal experience. I guess you can say that I am hooked on personal coaches. I need someone with the intelligence, both EQ and IQ, to walk with me through my never-ending journey. My coach today is Kamin Samuel. Through a process of hypnotherapy, Kamin recorded a 15-minute session of positive reinforcements that I listen to daily for 30 days. The result? My demons are disappearing and clarity about my inner goodness is emerging.

I am seeing my own light in flashes of brilliance. My hope is that all my readers find your own light and let it shine.

Let the “Twinkling” Begin

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3 thoughts on “Surprised by Beauty”

  1. Charlie,
    I hope it’s ok for me to call you that.
    I’m Wayne’s Mom, Renetta. Thank you for that
    tribute to my son Wayne and my husband Carl.
    I agree they both have that twinkle in their eyes.
    And a love that a love that is unending.
    Thank You, and God Bless you. Renetta

  2. Charlie,
    This is so beautifully written. And you have touched upon such a fine point- that sometimes through darkness we find our inner light.
    I see the truth and the beauty in this discovery.
    Sometimes I want to hide my light, but therein lies the essence of goodness within me.
    Thank you for illuminating this for me.
    And for reminding me that God forgives and forgets.

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