Show Notes #56 Dena Crowder: Charlie Playing Pirate

December 19, 2017 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Today’s show will be a first. I’m here with Dena Crowder, my guest last week, and we are about to attempt something on my interview-centered podcast that is quite unique.

One of the processes Dena uses to coach her clients is the use of role-play. From role-play Dena discovers personal attributes that can be hidden or unclear to her clients. Last week I asked Dena if we could do a role-play with me on the show. She said “Sure!” And so here we are.

If, after the show, you would like to do role-play or coaching with Dena you can do so easily from her website. The URL is below.

I’d like to remind you of Dena’s credentials:

Dena Crowder is known as the most innovative strategist and consultant for creators and leaders.  She’s worked privately with Grammy, Emmy and Humanitas prize winners, CNN Heros, founders, writers, performers, educators, and upstarts from every industry.

Dena’s amazing resume includes child acting, journalism, broadcasting, Mater chef (where she graduated top of her class at Le Cordon Blue) and now her current role as mentor to her tribe


You can reach Dena at


For more with Charlie Hedges please visit

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