Science: God Killer or God Supporter

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“A little science estranges a man from God. A lot of science brings him back.” Francis Bacon

WARNING: This post is about God.

A Creative Intelligence

Since reading Sapiens: The Evolution of Humankind and following the latest (2014) Cosmos Series on Netflix my mind has been bombarded by the science of the enormity and unfathomable wonder of our universe.

At first, learning more of the complexity and marvels of the sciences can lead one to think these new learnings seem incongruent with the teachings of the Bible (and most likely the Koran as well). It is easy to understand why many bright students of the sciences can dismiss the notion of God altogether, opting for some form of universal evolution of all that exists. I know my new studies certainly forced me to reconsider the rationality of my beliefs in a God.

But after a bit of pondering and deep contemplation I arrived at the conclusion that life, the universe and everything is way too complex and orderly to be accidental. It seems to me there must be some sort of Creative Intelligence masterminding the whole thing for its own mysterious purpose. This leaves me with no philosophical choice but to opt for some Theistic Entity. For simplicity, let’s call this theistic entity God.

Who is God?

The problem of belief in God is laden with all sorts of very difficult issues resulting from differing religions claiming exclusivity to God’s nature and requirements for living. The three biggies—Christianity, Islam and Judaism—are often willing to go to extremes to protect their beliefs (think the Crusades, the Inquisition, and ISIS).

It is so frustrating for those of us who believe strongly in God, while still holding our personal beliefs without prejudice against others who believe differently.

My recent scientific inquiries regarding the complexity of the Universe lead me to believe ever more stridently in a Creative Intelligence named God. Increasing knowledge of the Universe convinces me that God is truly incomprehensible. The Creative Intelligence that initiated and supports the continued existence of the awe and wonder and complexity of the Cosmos is far, far beyond human understanding. Shoot, we don’t even understand gravity, how can we pretend to understand its Creator.

Love and Creativity

Personally I hold dear the fundamental propositions of the God of the Bible and Christianity. The primary reason I personally choose the Christian theology really boils down to one thing: LOVE.

Christianity is the only religion I know of that posits its primary thesis on the practice of love. Love is obviously (to me at least) the most significant of all human attributes. Without it, life would and does suck. Not only this but the Bible clearly claims, “God is love.” So not only does the Christian version of God claim the primary ethic desired by God is love but that the very nature, no the very existential reality of God, is love. If God IS Love, then, for me, the matter is resolved.

Now add Love to the nature of this Supreme Creative Intelligence that set in motion infinity, universes, atoms, and complexities so far beyond our scope of human knowledge or imagination and I am left in mind-boggling awe.

I think it is necessary for me to emphasize these are my personal beliefs. I feel no compunction to make anyone else agree with me. I respect the believers of other faith traditions—including atheists. One of my closest friends is a lover of life and humanity without belief in a god of any kind.

A “Modest and Humble” Belief

I once sat with an Episcopalian Bishop, Fred Borsch, who cautioned me: “Charlie,” he said, “we Episcopalians hold our beliefs with modesty and humility, always knowing that we could be wrong.” Remember, we are merely broken and often mistaken human beings.

Now, it’s your turn. Is Science a God Killer or God Supporter? The choice is totally up to you to decide for yourself.

I Believe What I Believe with Modesty and Humility

Knowing I Could Be Wrong

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