Saved by Beauty

March 6, 2021 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

In difficult times carry something beautiful in your heart.” Blaise Pascal

“Although I can’t define it, I know it when I see it.” Oddly enough, the oft-misquoted statement regarding obscenity/pornography rigorously applies to beauty as well.

What Is Beauty?

Go ahead. Define beauty. I dare you. Is it art or love or nature or all three?

And, then, whatever you may describe as beautiful I might find absolutely appalling. Just think of Jackson Pollock. Personally, I could sit with a Pollock for quite a spell, enrapt by its elegant inspiration. And I know others who find his art to be simply childlike scribblings.

However, beauty itself is not up for a vote. Beauty needs not a consensus. It is personal… very personal.

Beauty is Personal

I am reminded of a piece by author Patrick Potter on genius graffiti street art originator Banksy, who is both loved and despised by the art community…

All of this anti art-sentiment comes off as negative, unless you look at it in context. Banksy sees himself as a liberator… to remind you that your ideas about art are just as valid as anyone else’s. He attacks the establishment to remind you of your own power. The point is, art should be truly democratic, truly a part of everybody’s life and not just another orgy for the over privileged.”

Back to Pascal’s thought. Beauty herself is the liberator of inner distraught and difficulties. With beauty comes freedom from all the garbage you encounter daily; garbage intended to drive you into a state of insanity or despair. Sometimes it is difficult to rise out of the malaise of life’s trials and tribulations. But in beauty we can find solace.

Liberated by Beauty

Where can you turn for relief? Instead of a glass of wine, what if you took just a moment to consider a walk along the ocean or a piece of art or even that gorgeous outfit you love to wear. Wherever it may be found, beauty is simply recognition of those things that give you both inspiration and solace.

I find extraordinary beauty in love—be it a person or a life. The truth is beauty is merely that which resonates with your innermost core. Beauty defines you as it reveals your special uniqueness.

Now that is a lifesaver in times of difficulty.

With Eyes Wide Open

Beauty Will Find You

Photo courtesy of Derkien at istockphoto

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