Robust Waiting

May 5, 2024 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

“… the miracle I shall see fully only later is unfolding already.” Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Still unfolding. Those are key words in the lexicon of life in the Realm of the Divine. There, but not quite, always unfolding, always coming to fruition but never fully there because fully there is not part of the way of the God who is unceasingly building into my potential.

It seems that I am back once again to my never-ending thoughts on Becoming. We are always Becoming, always in process, always getting better, but always not quite or not yet there. And for this Becoming I live in robust waiting. That is the thought is it not? Robust Waiting is all about “Always trusting in the slow work of God.”

Letting It “Play Out”

Still, it is the way of the Divine. I was watching, with eagerness, the Guy Ritchie TV show based on his film The Gentlemen. In this particular episode Geoff, the caretaker of the mansion, was offering his always sapiential advice to the new (and young) Duke regarding the best time for action.

In a series of events that seemed to call for immediate action, Geoff advises the Duke to sit back a bit and “let things play out.” Wait, watch… and then make your move advises the wise older caretaker.

For some strange reason, Geoff’s advice has my name all over it. I can be too impulsive and too spontaneous. Driven by what seems like a great idea, I have made situations worse than if I has waited. Yes, Robust Waiting. Watching things play out… even for a day or perhaps a week (or longer) is the Way of the Wise.

Trusting in the Slow Work of God

And so is waiting on the slow work of God. Not to be confused with sloth. Rather it is a very active regard for watching for the right time. And you will know.

Whatever “Is” today will be different tomorrow. Maybe on the same track or maybe something entirely new. God, the Provider, requires only one thing from me: to wait robustly, always paying attention, always knowing that hope will become trust, and that I will move closer and closer to that ultimate action that I desire.

Robust Waiting

Is Still an Action… Only with Wisdom

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