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July 20, 2022 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

While Charlie is in Africa (working on the WELLS OF LIFE charity project), let’s revisit some of our most popular recent guests. Like Michaela Renee Johnson.

Michaela Renee Johnson practices and preaches a life of excitement, joy and (most of all) happiness.  Which leads Charlie to happily remind us all in this episode that “yes, we are STILL allowed to pursue happiness…even in these troubled and turbulent times!”

Michaels is a breath of fresh air in this episode. And a true “happiness expert”. Having built a whole movement around this topic through her book “Be You, Be Happy”.  Along with all the workshops, seminars and coaching she’s added as well. Complimenting her work as a psychotherapist, life coach and happy podcaster.

So BE YOU, BE HAPPY. And hear again her joyful journey towards finding the everyday happiness in her own life.  As Charlie pursues his own path of personal happiness in Africa as a happy “water warrior”, drilling water wells in Uganda for those without this most basic human need (clean water).

Check out this episode!

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