Resolutions Worth Pondering

January 3, 2022 by Charlie Hedges − 2 Comments

“… if Montaigne was right — he was — that philosophy is the art of learning to die, then living wisely is the art of learning how you will wish to have lived. A kind of resolution in reverse.” Maria Popova

I am a huge fan of the writings and wisdom of Maria Popova in her brilliant book reviews and commentaries found in Brainpickings, (renamed the Marginalian upon its 15th birthday in 2021).

Maria began her post in 2006 by writing weekly book reviews and commentaries for seven friends. The audience has since expanded to 1.2 million reader per month. Yikes!

Yesterday I received the New Year’s edition of her weekly post only to discover 10 wise suggestions to consider for engaging in a year of depth and wonder. I found her ideas so remarkable that I wish to share them with you.

I hope this may incent you to check Maria’s writings at The Marginalian.


  1. HANNAH ARENDT: Love Without Fear of Loss
  2. TONI MORRISON: Cherish Your Body
  3. VIKTOR FRANKL: Have More Music and Nature in Your Life
  4. LEO TOLSTOY: Choose Kindness
  5. JAMES BALDWIN: Have Tenderness for How Hard It Is to be Human
  6. RACHEL CARSON: Embrace the Loneliness of Creative Work
  7. URSULA K. LE GUIN: Converse If You Care
  8. SENECA: Vanquish Your Anxiety
  9. BERTRAND RUSSELL: Broaden Your Life as It Grows Shorter
  10. WALT WHITMAN: Live with Absolute Aliveness

If I were forced to narrow my list to only three, I would choose Hannah Arendt, Leo Tolstoy, and Seneca.

Perhaps you might want to ponder these suggestions briefly and then… Tell me, which three strike you the most. I’d love to hear.

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2 thoughts on “Resolutions Worth Pondering”

  1. Charlie without glasses. Like it!!
    This list inspires the concept of enhancing one’s passion and spirit. In the end we will be remembered not by our achievements or accomplishments, but our spirit of kindness and love. Happy New Year!!!

    1. Joe Johnson. How nice to hear from you. Yes, no glasses after cataract surgery. And YES, not what you DO but who you ARE. I so agree.

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