Procrastinators Anonymous

March 3, 2016 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Do you procrastinate? Do you find yourself frequently putting off tasks until the last minute? And as a result, do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, guilty and anxious?

Well, you might want to join my new club: Procrastinators Anonymous. Only, in my club, we advocate procrastination. After all, for folks like us, “deadlines” simply indicate “it’s time to get started.”

What would I do if I didn’t procrastinate? I’d probably be busy doing too many things that really don’t require my immediate attention. I love the motto, “Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow.”

Habits and Routines

Okay, I’m not promoting lethargy or even tardiness. Lethargy leads to an unfulfilled life and tardiness usually impacts other people, making their jobs even more difficult. I’m sure you find both to be unacceptable.

So what AM I suggesting? How about thoughtfulness, planning, timeliness and a lot more discretionary time? I believe in creating habits and routines that promote self-development, productivity, and enjoyment to be the answer.

Productivity and Procrastination

So, you ask, how in the heck do I get anything done? Not by procrastinating aimlessly, but making a conscious choice not to be so anal about getting things done early (which many call “procrastination”). I learned a long time ago from a wise old man, “Work will always expand to fill the time allotted.”

In others words, if you commit to complete a project in two weeks, it will take you two weeks to complete. However, if you commit to completing the same project in two days, you will make it happen. And you know what? It will most likely be just as good.

There’s a little practiced solution: Choose to blow off “stress and worry” about tasks and “live life on life’s terms.” And only do today the things that need to be done today. Although it may feel like procrastination, it is really wise and selective planning.

The Art of Wise Procrastination

The question is this: Is your delay to begin a project about procrastinating or about merely waiting on the best time to do it. Like, when it NEEDS to be done.

Consider which of the ideas below might work for you:

  1. Protect your “discretionary time” to do things you love to do.
  2. Embrace patience and “waiting” to get actively involved with tasks.
  3. Accept with openness your immediate situation regarding tasks and timing.
  4. Give yourself a break! Life is about helping other people and soaking in its wonder.




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