Emotional and Existential Pain: The Birth of Art

April 22, 2017 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

There is no doubt that emotional and existential pain can birth the most profound art.

The greatest art, of course, is one of the most powerful means of interior expression. Just recall how may times words—stories and poems—and the visual arts of painting, sculpting and the performing arts bring tears and happiness and anger to the viewer.

The Power of Deep Personal Expression

The arts provide an opportunity for Creatives to express their deepest feelings in ways other than simple conversation. It’s not that conversation is bad. The problem is, it is inadequate. Conversation is essential to convey our feelings. But it is just too limited to “say” the things that that words are unable to say.

I taught myself to paint at 60 years old. After just a few weeks I discovered that I was expressing things my essays and journals were incapable of communicating. And one of the surprises is that whatever it means to me, it most likely means something different to another person.

Today, I couldn’t live without it.

Pain AND Joy

I have found, along with other artists, that art conveys whatever pain I may be feeling. Although it is often an expression for joy for many, many artists, but for depressives like me pain can be the primary driver. Although I don’t realize it at the time, when I have completed a piece of art I discover the expression of both deep pain and exhilarating joy.

Poet and prophet Khalil Gibran wrote in the “Beloved Prophet:”

The first poet must have suffered much when the cave-dwellers laughed at his mad words. He would have given his bow and arrows and lion skin, everything he possessed, just to have his fellow-men know the delight and the passion which the sunset had created in his soul. And yet, is it not this mystic pain — the pain of not being known — that gives birth to art and artists?

Art and Creativity are not Exclusive

Different forms of art touch different people in different ways. Just look at MY painting at the top of the page. Some people think it’s a nutty mix of colors while others are engaged (someone actually wants to buy it—haha). In it is filled with pain and serenity and joy.

I began this post with the statement the Pain Can Be the Birth of Art. It is so true. But so can joy and deep feelings.

Creativity may be the greatest gift to all humans.

Creativity is not limited to the arts. I was creative as a consultant. You can be too.

Allow your inner self to emerge, even if you are the only one that appreciates it. It is worth it!!!

The Birth of Art

Is the Expression of Your Deepest Self

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