New Information Ignites New Beliefs

November 3, 2016 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Most of us are deeply stuck in what Alan Jones calls, “Second-Hand Beliefs.” That is, many of our most deeply help beliefs (religion, morality and politics) have been handed down to us by our parents, peers, teachers, and ministers. We seem to have adopted them without much real research on our own.

Unfortunately, this really is true for most of us. But… we don’t have to stay that way. It simply requires an open and inquisitive mind. And, a bunch of humility: you must be able to admit that you are wrong. Oops, now I’m meddling.

The Art of Unknowing

I have come to the age where I love changing my mind. I love learning new information and then integrating those learnings into my personal belief system.

Recently I began a new task I’m calling the “Art of Unknowing,” (please check out my podcast on the subject). I feel the time has come for me to research and adopt beliefs that are truly mine

Seth Godin wrote, “This is more difficult than it sounds. To some people, it means admitting you were wrong. (But of course, you weren’t wrong. You made a decision based on one set of facts, but now you’re aware of something new.)

What Do You Believe… Really?

My plea is that you genuinely own what you believe. Just because mom and dad, or your friend Tom, or Minister John believes it, doesn’t mean you have to. You are personally responsible for what you believe and how those beliefs impact your actions.

My man Eric Church sings in a song: “I believe in love and I believe in peace.” What a good place to start!

Inquisitive and Humble

The Secrets to a Life of Personal Fulfillment


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