May I Suggest to You… This is the Best Part of Your Life

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While visiting my friend Terry Hershey at his home on Vashon Island in Seattle, WA, I heard this song from a music group of three women, Red Molly: May I Suggest This is the Best Part of Your Life. The lyrics killed me; struck me to the core, reminding me of all that I preach almost every week.

And yet, it came only one full day after one of the worst days of my life. Oh, the humor of nature and creation. Just when you are convinced of one thing, something comes along to alter your opinion.


It was on a Thursday when Terry and I began the process of recording a few sessions for our new upcoming podcast, “Permission to Be You.” We worked 3 or 4 hours preparing all the intricate (for us) technical paraphernalia to record. We did the job and started talking into the mics.

We completed two sessions, about an hour of good material, only to discover that the equipment that “records” didn’t function. Nothing was actually recorded!!! Huh? We spent the next four hours trying to recover the podcasts. We were lost.

And then when we called customer support for the recorder we discovered they were all in Las Vegas attending a conference (probably drinking and partying, yippee for them). Yea. The entire freaking customer service team was gone. “Call us Monday” was the message on Thursday. Everyone I spoke with in the industry was shocked. We were pissed and appalled. (I am so tempted to disclose the name of the company, but I refuse to stoop to their level of idiocy and incompetence.)

That evening was horrendous with just about every negative emotion coursing our veins. Shoot, we were even somewhat angry with each other over something we had little to do with. But… restoration came. The next day we figured out an alternative solution and recorded 7 full podcasts, 20-30 minutes each. I think some of them were actually good. Haha. You’ll be able to let us know in 3 or 4 weeks.

And Then Came Red Molly

And then, along comes Red Molly to save my soul. More than restoration, this music group offered me an intensified belief that I can find goodness even in the midst of a most shitty attitude.

Please read carefully some of their lyrics, shortened for the blog (which I’m not sure is even legal to publish, haha, oh well):

May I Suggest

May I suggest to you

May I suggest this is the best part of your life

May I suggest

This time is blessed for you

Just turn your head

And you’ll begin to see

The thousand reasons that were just beyond your sight

The reasons why

Why I suggest this is the best part of your life

There is a world

That’s been addressed to you

Addressed to you, intended only for your eyes

A secret world

Like a treasure chest to you

Of private scenes and brilliant dreams that mesmerize

A lover’s trusting smile

A tiny baby’s hands

The million stars that fill the turning sky at night

And I suggest this is the best part of your life

Make Each Day Your Best Day

Any chance you suddenly feel a bit encouraged? I sure hope so. I do. (Perhaps you will if you listen to the song on the link above.) I feel like a completely new me—“a new lease on life,” as they say. Today, especially today, I am making a conscious choice “to see the thousand reasons that were just beyond my sight.”

Right now, I’m on a plane flying over the Sierra Madre Mountains of northern California. The snow-capped mountains and clouds below are literally breathtaking. I could have been staring at my computer screen, instead of turning my head slightly to the left, and I would have missed the surprise nature had just waiting for me to pay attention.

Isn’t that what Red Molly is reminding us? A message from God or the universe or whatever source you believe in: “Pay Attention, damn it! I have SO much to offer you today and it’s not about work or chores or gloom. I’m offering you the gift of love and you can find it in nature and people and a thousand other things I will put in your path … today.”

Why don’t we make a decision together, today, to let this be the best part of our life?

I’d like to do something different. I want to suggest two different lists: one from me and the other from author, Neil Gaiman.

Tips to Make This the Best Part of Your Life


  1. Pay close attention to the ordinary.
    1. ALL the people in your life—housemates (family), colleagues and friends. Notice their unique wonders.
    2. Your tasks—Qohelet (or Ecclesiastes) says: “Tell yourself your labor is good.”
    3. The scenery as you drive—even in the burbs. Check out architecture and landscapes.
    4. Love doing your hobbies. Don’t have any? Hmmmm
  2. Be Intentional. Do more fun and interesting things EVERY DAY.
  3. Find ways to Love: people, possessions, activities.

Neil Gaiman (check the link to this truly magnificent 19 minutes speech).

I listened to Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech at an Art College. Amazingly inspiring. Three things:

  1. Make mistakes; make lots of mistakes; make big mistakes,
  2. When in a state of self-doubt, pretend. Pretend you can do or be whatever is required of you at that moment and if you pretend well enough you will do or be what is necessary,
  3. Make art; make good art; make amazing art; and make lots of it!

“This Time

is Blessed

for You”

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