Love is a Process

March 7, 2020 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

“Love is a process. No soul is ever complete. There is an unfinished quality about human beings that includes both the tragic and glorious dimensions of human experience.” Alan Jones

It is my observation, after 70 years, that the entire human race is Intrinsically Flawed. In their brilliant analysis of our lack of understanding of the power of human emotions the authors of the book, The School of Life and Alain de Button write,

We suffer, feel lost and isolated, are racked with worry, miss our own talents, refuse love, lack empathy, sulk, obsess, and hate. These are not merely personal flaws, but constitute the essence of the human animal.

The Human Condition

Yikes! But oddly enough, I find myself comforted by those harsh words on the state of our human condition. When I find myself acknowledging that my state of ill being is common to all, I am relieved and this knowing seems to dismiss my times of self-condemnation. The truth is, we are all broken and yet we all desire, in some way, normalcy, peace of mind, and yes, love.

A Glorious Opportunity

I heartily resonate with the words of Alan Jones, “Love is a process. No soul is ever complete.” Love is a process, indeed—a process that begins, perhaps surprisingly, with loving oneself. Once you begin to believe that you are “good enough” and that you are worthy of the love of another, you have accomplished the first step in the process of love.

And then begins glorious opportunities to demonstrate kindness and compassion which change you, enhance you, and allow you the opportunity to discover that peace of mind that we all seek.

What Really Matters, After All?

After six days of solitude and deep reflection, I concluded one thing for sure: life is all about love, that my efforts to contribute to the value of another actually makes a difference, if only in one life.

What else really matters?

If Love is a Process

Let It Begin with Me

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