Intersections of Life and Love

June 11, 2022 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

God is in control here, and he will not be reduced to an equation.” Carl McColman


While in Portugal in June of 2022, I write in journals twice daily. One journal is in response to morning inspirational readings and the other, written in a café, is simply composed of whatever thoughts happen to be in my mind at that time. So, today’s blog is pretty much lifted from a café journal of “random thoughts.” The thoughts interested me; I hope you enjoy.


Relationship with God is not a thing to be earned. It is already offered freely to anyone desiring a completion of their inner spirit—something like that which is found in the Eastern-like teachings of today; something that is quite pleasant and fulfilling; something with depth and insight; and yet something with supreme mystery—you do not know what you do not know and yet you know that there is something you do not know but desire passionately to know. And that something is the wordless and incomprehensible God who moment by moment makes His presence ever more evident—often in mysterious ways.

And yet, in much of the religious world, it feels like earning the approval of God is like pursuing a relationship with an obtuse and grumpy old man whom we call Father; someone who is not easy to please; certainly not someone in whose lap you may sit and rest your head on his shoulder. That is not love; it is more like coercion.

Perhaps that is one reason the Holy Spirit visited me in the form of the Divine Feminine. A loving mother-sister-friend who cares for me without any sense of rules or obligations, just acceptance and receptivity. The woman is my Aunt Billie, someone in the form of God, who took me in when no one else wanted me. And adopted me with fullness and unwavering love. Yes, Aunt Billie was/is my human imago dei.


This trip to Portugal alone has indeed become a totally unexpected journey into the heart of the Divine. A fresh God, filled with heartfelt teachings of the mystics who led me here, who proclaim only love and service in love… and to discover pleasure in both.

An oh… three personal values have occurred to me and have become my objectives for the rest of my life (haha, until newer ones arrive): (1) Freedom, (2) Kindness, and (3) Peace. I feel that if I “live” those in surrender to the Holy, my life will be well spent.

So much more could be written on my three values. Let’s go with: Freedom: driven by the heart, with the guidance of holy wisdom; Kindness: just be nice!; and finally Peace: it begins internally—those with peace on the inside are peaceful creatures in society.

These thoughts, for me, touch on what it means to be impacted by the incomparable love of the Divine.

The Grand Intersection

On the Streets of Life and Love

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