If You’re Reading This Blog, You’re Probably Crazy

September 3, 2014 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments


If “change” seems rather absurd to you and your life is almost as perfect as you want it to be,then this blog will sound pretty stupid to you.

This blog site is not for the comfortable.


This blog site is for the curious; the scared; the ones dissatisfied, but can’t quite see the way out. Curious, scared, and dissatisfied people are routinely called crazy; some say weird or odd. For me, when I am called weird it is a GRAND COMPLIMENT. I want to be different; I don’t want what most people accept as the safe life. I am here to make a difference. AND SO ARE YOU! That’s why you’ll keep on reading.

We want to make an impact on the world and on those people around us that we can help. Difference-makers want to try new and crazy things. And we want to enjoy all the beauty that the world and its inhabitants have to offer. We are “creation-restorers”; we want life to be as it was intended by the Creator. We are the people who will live brave, courageous and meaningful lives.

The world [or our own little world] will know we are here. We will make a difference! We will help. We’ll challenge fear itself. We will admire beauty. And in us others too might discover new and intentional living. If so, they will find good. Please call me weird; call me crazy. I love it. And down deep so do you.

Here’s your CTA (Call to Action):

  1. Find one person you can encourage or inspire, TODAY. It’s not hard. Simply tell them they’re worthy. Encourage them; give them hope; give them love. It will take less than 5 minutes, but you will impact them for at least a day or two–pretty cool huh?
  1. Do something new and/or scary.

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres

Yesterday my wife and I took a train from LA to San Diego. We then caught a trolley to Petco Park on July 4th 2014 and watched the Padres play. All without knowing how to use the train or trolley. In fact we missed our stop on the return because we didn’t know what we were doing. Then Grace, a very kind stranger, gave us a ride home. Truly! We didn’t know her from a rock. She was one of us!!! We had AN ADVENTURE! You don’t have to climb Mt. Everest to have an adventure.

  1. Look at the world around you with new and passionate eyes. If you have any art in your home, set aside 5 minutes to simply adore it. ASK: What did the artist have in mind? What does the piece do to you? Why, exactly, do you like it or dislike it?

15-20 minutes. Do that CTA this week and I guarantee you, it WILL BE a great week! Now, imagine if you did that daily? Yikes and holy cow! Sane people can’t do this well. They need safe and predictable. Not us! ONLY THOSE OF US THAT ARE CRAZY AND WEIRD GET IT! God bless you. Be crazy! Be Weird! MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

And… if you’re sane and find us crazies interesting, then MAYBE YOU WANT TO BE A LITTLE CRAZY TOO!  Jump on in.  The water’s warm… or is it?

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