Freshly Grounded

February 17, 2024 by Charlie Hedges − 2 Comments

I love my freshly grounded Turkish coffee.” Comment overhead by Fr Greg Boyle

On an early morning walk on the streets of New York City, Homeboy Industries Founder Fr Greg Boyle overheard this very non-descript comment from a construction worker talking about the pleasures of freshly grounded coffee.

It’s funny what sticks in our minds. Greg Boyle found himself pondering the idea of “freshly grounded.” Yes, “freshly grounded” sparked a thought in his mind that has nothing to do with coffee and everything to do with the unanchored lives so many people deal with today. We are indeed untethered in a world in need of something to believe in, something that offers hope and solid grounding.

What Can You Trust?

This afternoon I attended a lecture by Fr Boyle in which he preached the need for each of us to be “freshly grounded” in beliefs and confidence in something to trust. As we all know, our historical confidence in institutions is failing. What can we count on?

It is not at all surprising that the founder of Homeboy Industries—a ministry to Los Angeles gang members—would preach one constant and unrelenting theme: Love. Not some sort of ethereal and cliché-ridden love, but one that demonstrates acts of love. He has created an environment of acceptance and regard for the most unacceptable and disregarded. And thousands upon thousands of male and female gang members have discovered love and human value. All of this love is a reflection of the heart of God.

Finding Yourself in the Heart of God

In fact, when asked if a gang member has found the love of God in his or her heart, he says we are asking the wrong question. Instead, Fr Boyle asks of you can find yourself in the heart of God, that heavenly residence of all love. You are loved by God, no matter your history of violence or anger or childhood repressions.

What each of us need is a daily dose of freshly grounded love in a community of cherished lovers. Isn’t that the basic human need for each of us as well?

The call is to love and be loved. Both are a choice.

Feeling Unlovable? You are in the Territory of the Divine

Have you ever felt unlovable? Have you ever thought of yourself a despicable? If so, you have passed the enrollment test. You are the one Greg seeks. You are the one God seeks. If this sounds preposterous, that’s because it is preposterous. Gloriously preposterous.

Freshly Grounded… Daily

In a Community of Cherished Lovers

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2 thoughts on “Freshly Grounded”

  1. Charlie –
    Thank you got your beautiful message …. Beautifully written message that inspires a pause ….
    That pause opens up a space for love to enter.

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