Fearless Love: Makes You Cross the Border

September 19, 2020 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

“In your heart the choice was clear / You didn’t join the other side / The battle lines just disappeared.” From “Fearless Love” by David Wilcox

In the raucous and polarizing dialogue of our day it has become all too easy to categorize and therefore assign value. Many readers find themselves avid supporters of neither Trump nor Biden, but most certainly feel some responsibility to maintain affection for left or right.

When Battle Lines Disappear

But what if, as David Wilcox suggests, “the battle lines just disappeared?” What if you were neither left nor right? What if your only concern was for the well-being of people, even those you have never met? Finally, what if your only objective was Fearless Love, one that made you cross the (artificial) border?

I ask those questions because, after months of wrestling with the issues, I have finally made a decision. Namely, the political party I support will not determine my identity. For right now, I choose neither party. Instead I choose to “live out” my political affiliation by means of my actions. And the party I choose to “live out” is the one I call Fearless Love.

A Party of Unto the Self

Party affiliation has very little, if anything, to do with the expression of my deeply held beliefs. Thus far, political affiliations have mostly failed to address race and gender issues. Changes occur best in the hearts of the people… of you and me.

When I choose to be open-minded, to be willing to admit wrong, and committed to a “love that crosses perceived borders” and totally dismisses “battle lines” I feel I can enter into the gates of the kingdom called Fearless Love. Such is the case in our Christian heritage based solely on love for all humankind, not bound to conventional social status, but aiming straight at the hearts of all people.

My Heart’s Desire

Therein lays my heart’s desire: to love so ferociously that it goes beyond my personal norms and into the brokennesses of the human condition.

Democrat or Republican. Makes no difference when it comes to matters of love. Love is not bound to nor conditioned by the political party I choose. Fearless Love rests solely on my shoulders.

Yes, I choose the unconventional political party. I choose a love that crosses borders, that does not rest on familiarity, but seeks to embrace and feed the holes in the human heart. Such a position requires much more than casting a ballot. It is settling in a space of cosmic and eternal need, the need for respect and dignity, made evident by MY acts of love.

And such a commitment requires that I “live out” what I believe—the only thing that I can really do to make an impact, small yet essential!

Be Careful of Identification

With Anything But Love

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