Permission to Be You #3: How Others Impact Your Self-Awareness

April 4, 2016 by Craig Hewitt − 0 Comments

Welcome to episode three of the Permission To Be You. As your hosts, we want to help you get through the day magically; in other words, with great wonder and great experience.

For the next few episodes, we’re going to talk about the obstacles to finding the authentic you, and how to give yourself permission to remove them to allow your light to shine.

We believe that the biggest obstacle is the expectations other people place on you, and the ones you place on yourself. You end up trying so hard to live up to them that you lose yourself instead.

Where do expectations begin? The expectations you have of yourself play off of what’s already alive and well of inside of you. i.e: You don’t just want to be a good anymore; you have to be the best.

Personally, Charlie’s expectation was more fear that he couldn’t do it. He now asks himself: “If we had no expectations, what would we fear?”

When faced with fear, we immediately want to run from it. Instead you should try to understand your fears, and look at them head on asking yourself: “Why am I afraid?”

When we have encounters with people who see underneath our fears, we begin to have the resources that enable us to not be seeking whatever that was.

Final thoughts:

Terry: It begins with naming your expectations. Once you can name them, you can begin to be intentional about the tools that allow you to be at home in your skin.

Charlie: When you name something, it reduces the power it has against you. It doesn’t own you and you’re no longer a victim to that. Find that one fear or expectation, name it and watch the result.

Links and resources:

Be sure to check us out at our respective e-homes, and  We look forward to starting this journey with you all. Until next time, thanks for listening.

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