Permission to Be You #10: Lessons from Congress

May 24, 2016 by Craig Hewitt − 0 Comments

Having returned from a successful speaking engagement at the Catholic Conference in Anaheim, Terry has some great thoughts and stories to share. We discuss issues of self-acceptance and how it is still an issue that plagues many people. As such, we chat about different ways we all self-sabotage and how to get past these roadblocks to living a contented life.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • The need for mercy
  • Unnecessary apologizing
  • The guilt involved in not following “rules”
  • People of sincere and genuine wholeheartedness
  • The difficulty of self-acceptance

Catch Charlie and Terry on their respective websites, and with any comments, questions, or even just to say hello; they’re always happy to respond. Until next time, keep being authentic!

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