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How many times have I planned, in my head, the things I’d really like to do in life? Well, I’m sixty-five and the days of planning in my head are done. Now I am REALLY planning – dates, costs, time, people. I am planning the things I want to do or have, people I want to help, and places I want to go. (I think I’ve put my poor wife in panic zone.)

But my time is NOW. And you know what… “YOUR TIME IS NOW” as well. I don’t care if you’re 20 or 30 or 40 or 50. Don’t put it off. If you want something, then plan it out, save up, and Do It!

Life Would Be Great If… 

How many times have we said the words, “Life would be great if…?” I hate that phrase. It connotes such a disconcerting attitude of discontentment, dissatisfaction, and even possible despair. I find a handful of common psychological barriers that drives you and me to such a place:

1. Lack of Belief or Confidence in Ourselves. We doubt our own talents, gifts, qualities and abilities to deal with life, as it presently exists. We find ourselves feeling STUCK, when the truth is, for most of us, there are many things we can do right now to improve our life situation.

2. A Failure to Appreciate What We Have Right Now. Appreciation and gratitude are two of God’s greatest gifts. No matter what our current state, we always have things for which we can be grateful. Things we can be grateful for may include the love of family and friends, a place to live, transportation, a job, food, our innate ability to dream, freedom, our talents which we often fail to recognize, and scores more.

3. A Blindness to the Beauty and Awe that Presently Surround Us. I’m almost ashamed to admit how long it has taken me to begin to appreciate the Present. I am fortunate to have a car that I absolutely love. Every time I get in and close the door I find myself in a state of peace and satisfaction. And stangely, when I drive I am beginning to pay much more attention to the surprising beauty of some of the architecture I pass by. We just returned from Spain and I must say the thing that struck me most was the architecture and art. I find that I have SO much to be in awe of—both in Spain and at home.


Perhaps we should change the wording of that negative phrase. Let’s quit with the “Life would be great if…” stuff and begin saying “Life Is Already Great and WILL Be Better WHEN…!” I find this to be so much more positive and encouraging. The use of the word “WILL” and “WHEN” indicate a spirit of belief and confidence that things will absolutely improve because we have put ourselves in a state of mind that projects a new and better reality. I love Nike’s motto, “Just Do It!” Let’s put that motto on steroids and say “Let’s Do It NOW!!”

 A Couple Ideas for Getting Started:

1. I Begin Every Morning with “Priming”. I wish “priming” was my word because it’s so cool, but I stole it from Tony Robbins. Religious people call it prayer, Christians used to call it “quiet time”, and lots of people call it meditation. But for me, my morning begins with my prayer books, contemplation and prayer, making my bed, taking a stark cold shower to awaken all my senses immediately followed by a warm get-myself-cleaned shower (I also learned this from Tony Robbins), and a good breakfast. After 30 minutes or so, I’m prepared to begin the day.

2. I Make a List or Review My Calendar to Know What I Will Do Each Day. This is a strange one for me because I am SO impulsive and spontaneous. Therefore I have scheduled days where I have things that must be done and I have my impulsive days that I do whatever comes to mind. I guess being self-employed for twenty-five years helps. LOL.

3. I Regularly Plan “What My Life Will be Like When…!” I’m a dreamer. I can’t help it. Some of it is pathological and probably not real healthy, but it is who I am and it is part of my DNA. I love to dream of new things: how I can serve my wife and son, my clients, and others that cross my path; I dream of new cars and new places to live; and I dream of traveling to new cultures to broaden my understanding of this extraordinary planet. And then I plan to make my dreams come true.

Finally, please note that I said “I plan” how I’m going to get these things. That’s why I can say WHEN, not IF. “If-fers” only dream while “When-ers” dream, then plan and then do.

“When-ers” Do It Now!


So, are you an If-er or a When-er? It’s merely a matter a choice; a difficult choice but still a choice. It’s not easy. If it were easy we’d all be doing it. Doing It Now demands the development of new habits. And, when we create a new habit it takes days (even months) of choice before it becomes an automatic behavior. Why not make “Do It Now” a new habit?

In the comments section tell me about some of your When-er habits. I’m sure you have ideas that have never even occurred to me or other readers. So, please, let us know.

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