You are Different Every Day; Except When You are the Same

October 9, 2017 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

“We are different, from one another and, moment by moment, from even ourselves.” Poet Jane Hischfield

This morning I sit in an airport in Lima, Peru. Yesterday I was home packing and the day before that I attended a 50th HS reunion. Have I been the same Charlie on each day?

No way and yes way. In each situation above the “internal Charlie” was learning, creating and giving. This results from my hard-wiring (or DNA) that is unlikely to change.

The Different “Me’s”

Yet at the time I can express my multi-varied personality preferences in radically different behaviors every day. For example, at the reunion I was nervous, but still curious and interested in touching base with old HS compatriots.

The next day I was stressed with packing, and international check-in, followed by an 8-hour plane ride. And today, I am full of anticipation. Perhaps the excitement of finally experiencing South America after months of planning contributed to my feelings.

In each case the “practicing me” was significantly different. Yes, I am indeed impacted by the situation in which I find myself and anyone that meets me for the first time might walk away with a different opinion of who I am.

Each day I am a different Me but still I won’t be required to compromise my core self in the slightest. Yes, every day I am a bit different in the way I act; it all depends on the day, doesn’t it?

And you, what about you? First of all, are you friends with that core you that drives your very being? You know, the one that makes you feel like a contributor to the world? If not, you gotta get there. (I have a boatload of posts on Meaning in Life. Check ‘em out.)

The Dynamic You

And then there is the dynamic you—the one that adjusts to each situation and learns how to deal with each one according to whatever is required of you. This is the emotional and thinking you, the one most everyone knows.

You can always be better at being you. What an exciting thought. You can be true to the way you are created while at the same time express diversity in the way you manage your outer and inner life. Yes, you are different moment to moment, but the same “core you” when it counts.

Paradox. Maybe. But it is nevertheless true.

Only You Know the Real You

Live Like It and Love It

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