Cruising in Peace

August 13, 2023 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

It’s out there at sea that you are really yourself.” Vito Dumas

Pam and I are traveling on our first cruise. One week along the southern coast of Alaska. I sit now in my frequently visited reading room on the ship (see image above). With a 450-person capacity, I’m told this ship is on the smaller side of cruisers.

On this cruise we have elected to be onboard longer than onshore—three full days onboard and three half-days on shore. So, lots of time for thinking and reading and, oh yes, writing.

2 Weeks Later: Pondering the Cruise

I have read somewhere that the ocean is a mirror to our souls. The statement feels true and that is perhaps one of the reasons why most of us have an almost innate kindship with the ocean—we love to walk the beach and sit in the sun on the beach.

But for those that have had the opportunity to sail or cruise, the “ocean mirror” is even more apparent. There is something about the vastness of the ocean and the aliveness of the movement of the water. One is filled with an acute sense of the Presence of one’s own self in a most peaceful way.

The Sign of Peace

Peace may be the most descriptive word here. I think Peace is the one most surprising quality of life that we all desire. We detest conflict and stress. We are living in a time of name-calling and false labels. Enough already. Gimme a break!

How many of us scream inside, “Just leave me alone!”

Soothing Tides

At or on the ocean provides us with an opportunity to simply revel in the wonder of life, and yes, the wonder of me. The soothing tides calm the clamor of a world gone mad.

The Soulful Peace

Of the Sea

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