Clear Your Head Cache

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“Head trash” is comprised of an enormous collection of feelings, thoughts, beliefs and experiences that you have been piling up since childhood. Your head trash is constantly reinforcing what you can’t achieve.” Jim Palmer, Just Say Yes

NOTE: For computers, “cache” is often stored history (memory) of data used on your browser.

If your computer memories (cache) are corrupted or somehow get in the way of progress it’s an easy fix. All you have to do is clear your cache and all stored memories are erased. Like an eraser on a white board, unuseful memories are gone forever.

Head Trash

For humans it doesn’t always work that way. We are more likely to “store our cache” in the hidden recesses of our mind. Oh yes, we keep certain vital data “front of mind,” and that’s okay. But most of our cache memory is often comprised of unhelpful memories that take up space and get in the way of us moving forward in life.

I really like Jim Palmer’s idea of Head Trash. That is like our historical cache. We tend to hold onto negative and limiting memories, allowing them to linger and occasionally rise up and haunt us or discourage us. Palmer goes as far as saying, “head trash (bad cache) is constantly reinforcing what you can’t achieve.”

Begin Your Own Ending

The past has passed and there is nothing you can do about changing it. Except “move on.” On my podcast Jim suggested that, “Starting today you can begin your own ending.” I like that idea.

Why not clear unhelpful cache and begin new memories—right now? I once wrote a small group study titled, “Spring Cleaning: Getting Rid of Things that Don’t Work.”

But just “getting rid of things that don’t work” is only the beginning. You must clear your cache and THEN replace it with positive memories like good relationships and personal successes.

Clear your Cache

To Make Way for New Beginnings

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