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Do You Find Yourself or Create Yourself?

November 19, 2015 by Charlie Hedges − 1 Comments

As you know, in the late 60’s and early 70’s I was a hippie. A real one. My hair hung past my shoulders and I wore an unkempt John Lennon beard. I rode a chopped 1949 Harley Knucklehead with a suicide clutch and rigid frame (for you bikers out there). Even more, I left a full scholarship at UCLA so I could hitchhike across the US—for 3 months on $200!
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Redesigning What It Means to “Win”

November 5, 2015 by Charlie Hedges − 1 Comments

Hi All,

Today I am featuring a guest post written by one of my all-time favorite friends, Jennifer Bork. Jennifer was my personal assistant in the late 1990’s. She not only handled all the “go-to” tasks, but more important, she was a huge fan, incredible supporter and many times my muse for crazy new ideas.

Please enjoy her post and check her out on Facebook. And a note: the ending story is a killer!
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Reinvent Your Life Because You Must

October 29, 2015 by Charlie Hedges − 1 Comments

Yes, you must reinvent your life regularly. I suggest that you do it at least annually or semi-annually or even better, quarterly. That way, as the poet Charles Bukowski suggests, “they can never categorize you!” Not that we should really care that much what others think about us—they’re always wrong—but it is kinda cool to be such an experimenter that you are always “on the edge” of trying something new.

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Life Today Sucks Without Life Tomorrow

September 24, 2015 by Charlie Hedges − 1 Comments

“You cannot be fully human without having hope for tomorrow!”

These words were uttered by Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired magazine, in a podcast interview with (you guessed it) Tim Ferriss. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that Wired is an inordinately innovative magazine published 10 years ahead of its time. When it first appeared in the mid 90’s (I think) it blew me away with its use of color, unique format, and provocative articles.
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When Life Changes Your Plans… Go With It

August 13, 2015 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

What is it about country songs that make them so “truth-telling?” So often country songwriters say the kinds of things we all know is true, but for whatever reason we just don’t say them or even think about them.

For instance, today I went to a funeral and upon leaving I thought of a line from Lyle Lovett, “I just went to a funeral and Lord it made me so happy (huh?)… to see all those people I ain’t seen since the last time somebody died (oh!).”

Lyle certainly crossed the line of what we may think is socially appropriate, but he told a most certain truth. 
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Born to Create a New World

July 23, 2015 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

My friend Lisa sent me an anonymous quote from Twitter, “When you are born in a world you don’t fit in, perhaps it’s because you were born to create a new one.”

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When the End Is a New Beginning

June 25, 2015 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Don’t “they” say, “All good things must come to an end?”

Who am I to argue with the most infamous “they,” but I must say that “they” are dead wrong. It is Wednesday June 24, 2015 and my last day in Amsterdam. My last day in Europe (for now). My 15 day trip ends tomorrow with a flight back to LA. So, my trip is over. Done. Finite. The End.

But is it? I don’t think so. It continues in my mind and imagination, influencing my creativity, my relationships with other people, and the way I think about life. I will never be the same Charlie I was before I began this trip.
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“Heading East:” The Art of Getting Lost

June 17, 2015 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

In The Lord of the Rings, when Frodo began his Adventure, his friend Sam asked him, “Which way are we going Mister Frodo?” After a moment of thought Frodo realized he had no idea, so following his intuition he said, “I think we’ll head East and see what we find along the way.”

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Turn Your Wishes into Goals

June 11, 2015 by Charlie Hedges − 1 Comments

In the 4 Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss writes that we ought to set “unrealistic” and “unreasonable” goals. Peter Diamandis, in his blog and in his book Bold, says that we should set “exponential” rates of growth (for our businesses and personal well-being), not growth at 10% per year, but at 10x (10 times). These two men are futuristic dreamers, never satisfied with the status quo.Why don’t we think the same way?

Why don’t we think the same way?
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