Build Character to Enhance Relationships

May 27, 2023 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

The Gospel is ultimately calling us to simplicity, vulnerability, dialogue, powerlessness, and humility. These are the only virtues that make… intimacy possible.Richard Rohr

I am wondering: Is character building better understood as relationship building than it is merely some lofty ideal state of being? Until I read Richard Rohr’s comment above, I don’ think I have ever considered virtue to be a critical component of meaningful personal relationships.

The Impact of Virtues on Relationships

So, this leads me to think that virtues such as humility and simplicity and powerlessness are intended for relationship building. It makes total sense. For without humility, simplicity, and powerlessness you would be stuck in a relationship with a person that is likely to be complicated and controlling.

Yikes. Who wants that?

The Primary Objective in Life

At this point I would like to take a gentle step back… all the way to THE Beginning. As I understand it, relationship is the primary function of creation. For instance, as early as the second chapter of Genesis it is written, “It is not good for the man to be alone… so I will create for him a suitable partner.”

And it is not new news that in the vocabulary of Christianity, love is the only thing that matters at the end of all things. So why should I be surprised about the idea that virtues are a significant component of making and maintaining affirming relationships?

Once Again… It is a Matter of Choice

What better way to receive and give love than to fill yourself with simplicity, vulnerability, dialogue, powerlessness, and humility?

Yes, virtues have a very practical and down-to-earth function: Virtues exist to build trust and love. And being a virtuous person is a choice… for love and intimacy.

Choose Virtue

And Discover Intimacy!

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