Build a “New Notions Room”

November 24, 2016 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

I’ve read that brilliant people “compartmentalize” complex ideas into virtual rooms in a house they have concocted in their minds. For me, I like to think of these rooms as New Notion Rooms. I’m told that such rooms make for better recollection of diverse ideas and facts. Most certainly a metaphor, I think it could be a process I might consider experimenting with.

Contradictory Ideas

Almost daily some person, book, or film espouses a point of view in direct contradiction to what I think or believe. As embarrassed as I am to admit it, my initial knee-jerk response is to disagree, then argue or I simply dismiss that person or idea as ludicrous. Wow. What a deterrent to learning about life and the world at large!!!

When I quickly dismiss contradictory ideas without pondering the value of these ideas, I miss a grand opportunity for discovery and wisdom. Does this imply that I am somehow obligated to change my mind and accept all contradictory thoughts and beliefs? Surely not. That would lead to insanity as well as irresponsibility.

The Womb of Wisdom

Instead, what if I created my own “New Notions” room in the house I call my mind? I could store all sorts of new and/or contradictory notions that require further investigation and thought. It may be one of the most valuable rooms in my “mind-house.”

It would be the birthplace of inspiration and growth. Even more important, it would be the womb of wisdom. After all, isn’t wisdom a most treasured possession? I think yes. It comes with experience, teaching, making choices and making lots of mistakes.

What a beautiful and safe place to begin: The New Notions Room!

Right or Wrong is Not the Question

It’s About Pondering and Experiencing New Notions in Route to Wisdom


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