#14 Bobby X: The Transformation of a Skinhead

November 14, 2016 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

My guest today is Bobby X. Right now, he is sitting across the table from me: shaved head, fully tatted body, wearing a wife-beater undershirt. To tell the truth, if you don’t know him he looks scary as hell.

But that scary guy is not the one we will chat with in this episode. Today, Bobby, is no longer a prejudiced skinhead but instead he is one of the accepting, loved and loving people I know on the planet. But it wasn’t always that way. That’s why I’ve titled this show: “The Transformation of a Skinhead.”

Before we chat with Bobby let’s take a look at his fascinating record.

  • He has been in prison and jail for more than12 years for serious felonies including drugs, possession of weapons, and assault and battery with intent to do serious harm.
  • He was a radical racist and basic hater of people. Fighting was just a normal part of life.

But it came to the point where he got sick of the prison and drug life, began attending a 12-Step program and changed his life around.

So let’s meet Bobby.


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