Before It’s Too Late

May 23, 2020 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

“What are the small ways in which you can contribute to peace on earth? What monumental prayer can you pray to alleviate suffering in this world, one human being, one grey wolf, one old-growth redwood tree at a time?” Mirabai Starr

In her song Wake Up, Alicia Keys hums, “When we gonna wake up… before it’s too late?”

Haunted by a Daunting Reality

I was listening to Alicia while pondering this post and found her words touching a haunting spot in my soul. Although written with romantic love in mind, her message nevertheless reflects an altogether daunting reality. As a people with influence, we need to wake up before it’s too late… for so many reasons.

As we (in America) battle a national barrage of divisiveness regarding politics, religion, gender, sex, and leadership (or lack thereof—by either “side”), our world suffers, our planet suffers, and people suffer. All the while the sycophants of divisiveness keep so many of us distracted, confused and left feeling helpless.

As I consider the opening quote by mystic Mirabai Starr, I find myself hammered by my failure to assume responsibility for the earth and for the people of the earth. When am I gonna wake up?

Grey Wolves and Old-Growth Redwoods

Well… How about today? I think it just might be all about love and the recipients of my love. I think it may be good for me to expand the horizons of my love. What if were to extend my love to more than just the people I know, and to the poor and disenfranchised I serve? What if I were to consider the plight of “one grey wolf and one old-growth redwood tree” as well? What if Creation itself became the object of my love?


I am considering a bit of vacation in June. I am thinking Nevada and Utah: Red Rock Canyon, the Valley of Fire, Arches National Park, and of course Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. All of these spots offer remarkable and literally breathtaking wonders, showing off the wonder of Creation.

My New Responsibility

What if I assumed some responsibility as a good steward to ensure the continued vibrancy of this gift we call Earth? I only wish I could offer suggestions for all of us (most especially me) to be better stewards of Planet Earth. Oh, I could join the throng of shouters about the shoddy state of the environment. However, I choose not to do so, for that is really not more than contributing to the noise.

Perhaps it begins with consciousness—moving the matter from my head to my heart… and then on to my feet. And then keeping my eyes open for how I can serve Creation in simple efforts that make even a dent in my world.



To Wake Up!

Photo courtesy of Fyletto at istockphoto

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