Are You Ready?

December 29, 2016 by Charlie Hedges − 2 Comments

Are you ready when your special moment occurs unexpectedly?

Seth Godin writes, “The things that change our lives (and the lives of others) are rarely the long-scheduled events, the much-practiced speeches or the annual gala. No, it’s almost certain that the next chance you have [for something special] will come out of nowhere in particular, and you’ll discover it because you’re ready for it.”

One lesson I learned in 2016 is the danger of high (or low) expectations for some event or experience. Rarely does that occasion proceed as I imagined. Surely sometimes I guessed right. But, I have discovered that my expectations are more often wrong than they are correct.

The Wonder of Surprise

Many of my favorite experiences have come as a surprise. I met my wife at a party I didn’t want to attend; I reluctantly subscribed to a gym to get in shape and along the way met one of my newest “best friends;” I went to Italy in 2013 anticipating a somewhat interesting vacation that, instead, led me to become a devoted “Europhile.”

On the other hand, I have become intoxicated by high expectations that did not nearly meet what I hoped for: my second trip to Italy; a painting I painted; a movie or play; a date with friends; a new job.

I could go on, but you know what I mean.

For me, few things match the wonder of surprise. The only requirement is “to be ready.” Drop expectations and desires, and simply prepare yourself for that unexpected hint of ordinary wonder. It happens almost daily, but only for the curious and hungry ones carrying a butterfly net in anticipation of that rare breed. One is ready for the surprise.

Ready or Not Here It Comes

So Why Not Be Ready


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2 thoughts on “Are You Ready?”

    1. Great question. I think we remain open and “expect the unexpected.” Accept the truth that whatever is, is. Surprise and the unexpected are actually the joys of life. It’s all a matter of Perspective.

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