Adopt a Perspective That’s Useful to You

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Doubt everything. No beliefs are true. Adopt what works for you now.” Useful, Not True, Derek Sivers

Thought Review

This blog is a “thought review” on a not yet published book by Derek Sivers titled, Useful, Not True. That’s because I have on listened to the first 25 minutes of a 100-minute book. His six chapter titles will give you an idea of where he is heading in this handbook for thought: (1) Almost nothing people say is true, (2) Your thoughts aren’t true, (3) Ideas can be useful, not true, (4) Find better perspectives, and (5) Adopt what works for you now.

I have read most of Derek’s books. He surpasses the word brilliant as he lives in the world of the practical and the everyday. He is an ordinary genius. For example, one of his books is a best-seller, where he advocates that all important decisions are either Hell Yes, or No!

Oh… by the way… Derek donates profits to charity.

Well, now that an introduction to Derek has taken nearly one third of this post, here goes.


When Truth is a Choice

If you are a regular reader, you probably know by now, I am a dyed-in-the-wool advocate of personal choice. All Derek is saying is that when it comes to so-called truth, we all have a choice of what we believe and how we permit those beliefs to impact our lives.

First of all, Derek is not saying that all truth is purely subjective—”concrete truth” is “absolutely, necessarily, and objectively true, not just in the mind, but in concrete fact…” However, the truth Derek refers to in his book are the truths that govern our lives in a very practical way  are more perspectives, not concrete truths.

Understanding the Value of Perspectives

The deal is, we simply don’t live by objective truths. Most of the time, the truths we live by are only “perspectives” that we have chosen to be true… even those truths most dear to us. And yet we say to ourselves and others that they are absolutely true.

I was raised to believe that consistent hard work was the key to success, as was education, and titles or positions. I don’t have to make the case that none of these are true. They may be helpful they are not set in stone.

Choosing Your Perspective

The point here is about choice: we choose the truths that work for us, right now. And, if we are wise, we deselect the ones that don’t work and opt for new and more efficient ones. 

Evaluate Your Current Perspectives

Adopt the Ones That Work, Right Now

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