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Hi, I’m Charlie Hedges.  As I progress in a new season of life, I have discovered all sorts of changes related to the process. I love change… but this time change is different. Moving from a crazy busy business and personal life to one with more “discretionary time” can be daunting–even for lovers of change.

But with change also comes unlimited opportunities. Only most of these “opportunities” seem “hidden.” Haha. I must search not only in new places but with a new mindset as well. The paradigm that got me to where I am now is not the same paradigm that will get me to my Next Chapter.

And so, here we are with The Next Chapter with Charlie. I will not play the role of guide or expert change-maker. I am your fellow sojourner on a new path. For the Podcast I will find others that are entering or have experienced a new chapter in life and share experiences with you. For blog posts I will share my learnings, fears, successes and failures. All grist for you to enter your next chapter.


Okay I am Baby Boomer. In fact, born in 1949 I am head of the class–not in expertise but in being one of the first Boomers to enter that New Chapter. The first word that has to go is Retirement. I have yet to meet a Boomer that wants to retire. That’s what old people do:)

But wait… this site is not for only for Baby Boomers. New Chapters are initiated in all seasons of life. And I will interview life-changers of all ages and demographics. I am too curious not to.

We ALL want to live life at its fullest, which will mean doing new things AND doing them differently. Just what that means exactly none of us know. So we are all Pioneers and Adventurers sailing off to those unknown places on the maps that 300 years ago read “there be monsters here.”

Instead we say, “there be mystery here.” And what is more exciting than Mystery. If regular ole retirement or status quo is your goal, then I am probably not your guy. I’m crazy and proud of it. But if your goal is satisfying curiosity and messing with experimentation, than you have come to the right place.

Three elements drive our search: Meaning, Adventure and Awe.

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When your life is filled with those three things, you can be sure it will be pretty cool.

Why This Podcast and Blog?

Honestly? This is fun for me. I get to interview interesting and exciting people, write, create, and have an opportunity to make a difference in your life.

My team and I have one goal in mind for this Podcast and Website: To provide opportunities for you to create a life you love. That’s it. If the team and I can accomplish that goal we’ll be ecstatic. And oh… let’s have a blast in the process! Meaningful life-change is a boatload of fun.

Me According to Me

I am passionate about intentional living.

  • I love music (from alternative to indie to pop to jazz and blues and, yes, even country—let’s give it up for Eric Church!). I’m a movie junkie (esp. indie films).
  • Theater and art are regular events in my life. I’m addicted to clothes; I paint, draw, write, speak, and watch my son play baseball.
  • Although my son is a professional baseball player, I’m still convinced l taught him most of what he knows about the sport. Haha!
  • I love my wife, international travel, and fast cars.
  • I believe life is difficult. But I also believe I can still make my time here great.
  • I find myself fearlessly creative and different, which makes my life interesting, fun, and sublimely challenging.
  • Finally, I deeply believe that we are all driven by a profoundly spiritual inner-power.
My Work History

Since 1995, among others things, I have devoted the majority of my work-life to Executive Coaching. I began working with managers and VP’s, but for the last 10 years I have worked primarily with CEO’s of larger companies, with portfolios of $1 Billion in assets or revenues.

At the writing of this bio in 2019 I have had at least 7 different careers or serious avocations—including down-in-the-dirt grunt work loading trucks, being an office janitor, and serving as the Director of Color Application at a carpet mill.

In my 30’s I attended theological seminary and worked as a Minister at a large church, 12,000 people, then became a writer of 6 books and workbook series. I went on to become an external trainer for Chevron Corporation for whom I traveled to twelve countries delivering training material. I moved from training to facilitation of strategic planning sessions at higher levels and finally to Executive Coaching. I guess you could say I’m a self-starter or creative or maybe I just get bored easily???

Click here for my Executive Coaching Bio.

My Family


Pam and I have enjoyed more than 34 years of marriage. Pam is a very successful and highly sought after Executive Coach, facilitator, trainer, and founder of a high-level women’s group called Influential Women.


Our 27-year-old (in 2019) son Austin plays catcher for the San Diego Padres. I guess you could say we are proud parents. Pam is my closest confidant and Austin is one of my very closest friends. Here’s a shot of us at the Staples Center for an Eric Church concert.


Contact Information

You can contact me by email or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

I DREAM of what we can do together. We’re a Tribe of Pioneers and Adventurers. Let’s go “get ‘er done!”