#96 Taryn Voget “Let Go and Trust Life”

January 15, 2019 by Charlie Hedges − 2 Comments



Today marks the first time in two years of podcasting that we will do a show on planning for the New Year of 2019. And now it is two consecutive weeks. That’s kind of surprising since much of my past has been about Life Planning yet we have not produced a single show on that topic. And today our approach to life planning may be strikingly new for most of our listeners but it is a process I have used most of 2018 and I have found it quite gratifying as well as productive.

In order to help set us straight on this unusual path I am with my special friend and spiritual guide Taryn Voget. As a busy Executive Coach, entrepreneur and author of the delightful book, Trust Fall, Taryn is full of out of the box thinking when it comes to most matters in life and life planning.

I asked Taryn to write a brief paragraph on her thoughts toward New Year’s planning and these are the provocative words she wrote:

Many of us push ourselves to continually grow and expand.  But what if we don’t need to work so hard? What if life knows exactly where to find us to deliver the experiences we need for our own evolution? And what if there is no real action necessary on our part other than to be more aware of life’s bigger plan? This podcast explores new ideas about our own evolution and how life is here to serve our highest destiny and greatest expansion…always.

So let’s all be ready to have our traditional view of life planning challenged by the insightful and innovative thoughts of Taryn Voget.

You can reach Taryn at www.taryn@tarynvoget.com

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2 thoughts on “#96 Taryn Voget “Let Go and Trust Life””

  1. Happy New Year Charlie!
    Enjoyed the podcast with Taryn!
    Resignates with me for sure!
    I pushed so hard to close out the year
    And reach a few of my own goals-
    Your podcast reminded me to relax and receive the amazing blessings that have followed!
    I actually think it is important to take some time and breathe and realize that you’ve reached a goal or a dream. Self acknowledgement is a good feeling. “Receiving” only happens if we allow and appreciate it! Today I am receiving the gift of relaxing at home. A comfortable new home I have recently recreated. I am grateful for my new opportunities and openly receive them today and in the coming new year. I hope everyone can take a moment it hopefully-longer- and really feel how nice it is to receive! Slowing down enough to receive your coffee in the morning is a great way to start the day!

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