#9 Jeff Tanner: Embracing the Common Good

October 11, 2016 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Jeff Tanner is a Cofounder of a co-working and startup community, called Wayfare, which is headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA and with another location opening in downtown Fullerton in late 2016. Jeff’s company, Wayfare is a “co-working community and startup incubator,” that guides numerous startup founders who are launching their ideas into movements for the common good.

Charlie and Jeff talk about starting companies with a mission of serving the disenfranchised and poor. It’s where your work can change people’s lives.

A great quote from Jeff Tanner is “The world is broken and in need of restoration AS WELL AS beautiful and in need of celebration.”

You can discover more about Jeff at

Email address: hi@wayfare.io

Website: wayfare.io

Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @wayfarehq

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