#80 Charlie: Pulling Out of Ruts

July 17, 2018 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

This week I intend the topic of core beliefs and how they evolve over a lifetime.

For example, when a person begins skiing, at any age, the slope provides a giant masterpiece to be explored and experimented with. After time, we find our paths and routes that we most enjoy and so we begin to use them more often.

Before long our skiing experience begins to be limited to the grooves of the path we have laid and son that path becomes a rut which is quite difficult alter. 

Now take that example and consider that I have discovered that over the years we have lived the more ruts we have developed in which often there is little room for creativity and change. As a result our lives become comfortable and predictable, when all along there resides deep within a little imp pleading for change and new ways. Some hear that voice and some don’t.

I have read that is why retired people are attracted as a means of learning new ways of life and seeing people in other cultures. Their comfort zone is no longer quite as comfortable. Many of us long for something new and something exciting.

But my question is, why wait for retirement? What if we were to attempt to broaden the scope of our lives to include adventuring into areas that were once unacceptable and even taboo? What if we were to experiment with other belief systems, other cultural styles of life, new activities, and a generally open mind to accept beliefs and ways of life that challenge our personal status quos?


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