Permission to Be You #7: “Experience” only has power if you “empower it”

May 4, 2016 by Craig Hewitt − 0 Comments

Thank you for joining our conversation today about how to begin living a truly authentic life. In this edition, Charlie and Terry chose to expand on a quote that Terry said at the end of one our most recent episodes: “Expectations only have power if you empower them.”

Expectations have power and can impact you greatly. But in terms of identity, it can only have power if you feed it.

Any kind of expectations that have a script typically come with a label, as well. But today, Terry shares the story of a very special woman, and the  man that changed her life forever by giving her  parents permission to reframe the label and the script they had imposed upon her.

Today’s points included:

  • Living in the now
  • The true definition of a difficult child
  • Empowering expectations the right way
  • The scary truth about false expectations
  • How to discover your true identity
  • Bringing the real you to what you’re doing so you can finally start to have fun

There are always going to be more expectations that you can pile upon yourself and others. But when it’s all said and done, what are you really going to gain by doing so?

People tend to have this false idea that once you accomplish an expectation, your life will be great. But today you’ll hear it like it is, because it just doesn’t happen that way.

One might even argue that happiness decreases; and that has to do with all the clutter, or bunkum as Terry calls it. We’re covering up our happiness to the point where we no longer see it.

So do the things that make you glad to be alive; the things that you do wholeheartedly, with seemingly no effort. Don’t get caught up in the bunkum, and you’ll be two steps closer to becoming the authentic you.

Tell us what’s fulfilling to you! What’s do you enjoy and love?

Catch Charlie and Terry on their websites, and with any comments, questions, or even just to say hello; they’re always happy to respond. Until next time, keep being authentic!

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