#69 Dena Crowder: Survival Archetypes

April 17, 2018 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

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Think about it Paul, what part of you comes out when your back is against the wall? Is it ugly or is it protective in a positive way? Do you lash out in anger, cry or whine, blame, or respond with some sort of passive (or aggressive) attack? Or, do you take the time to consider the best way to handle any given particular situation?

These are tough questions. Hard to answer and even harder to manage, because we all have these “protective archetypes or innate patterns” that actually govern our responses.

Today we are honored to have with us once again, Dena Crowder, who is a specialist when it comes to archetypes, In fact, she uses them masterfully in her own coaching process. I know. She’s my coach and mentor. In fact, Dena has done more with my anxiety in 6 weeks of coaching than my previous 25 years of therapy.

Before we begin, let me tell you just a bit more about Dena.

Dena Crowder is known as the most innovative strategist and consultant for creators and leaders.  She’s worked privately with Grammy, Emmy and Humanitas prize winners, CNN Heros, founders, writers, performers, educators, and upstarts from every industry.

Dena’s Mission is to Redefine Power so that we use power for good as she believes that “Pure Power” is the capacity to directly influence? with wisdom and compassion.

Dena and I met at an online writer’s course and have maintained a bunch of contact since then. I am very excited to discuss Survival Archetypes with Dena Crowder.

You can reach Dena at www.denacrowder.com


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