#63 Ginger Gentile Erasing Family Pt 2: The Film

February 20, 2018 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes

Today is Part II of a series I began last week on the disturbing issue of Erasing Family. An amazing 22 million parents in the United States alone find themselves in the middle of this tragic situation.

My guest today, is Ginger Gentile who is an expert in this field. Ginger is an award?winning filmmaker who grew up in New York and graduated from Columbia University.

Ginger is the co-director of a new documentary film on this subject titled, Erasing Family, which depicts the stories of a disturbing number of children and parents that are “erased” from their families due to divorce and to the current, often-ineffective child custody laws.

As I mentioned last week, these may be two of the most important shows we’ve done on the Next Chapter with Charlie.

You can reach Ginger at http://www.erasingfamily.org

Or http://www.facebook.com/erasingfamily

Or @erasing family on Twitter or Instagram


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