#62 Erasing Families Pt 1: Mom

February 14, 2018 by Charlie Hedges − 4 Comments

Show Notes  

We have a most fascinating and disturbing show today on what is becoming an almost epidemic subject. It is called Erasing Families. Now, because of the privacy and confidentiality of the information we will be sharing with my very special guest, we going to give her a pseudonym of Mom.

Our subject of Erasing Families has been referred to in psychiatry as Parental Alienation, although new designations are forthcoming.

“Parental Alienation” has been known as a disorder that arises primarily in the context of brutal and hateful child custody disputes. It is the manifestation of one parent’s highly influential campaign to denigrate the other parent, with no genuine justification other than revenge. The result is that the denigrated parent is totally erased from the lives of their children. In many cases the children absolutely refuse any connection whatsoever with that parent.

My guest today, Mom, has personally experienced the tragedies of being on the rejected end of this situation. I want to talk with her about how this psychosis comes about and the problems parents experience while dealing with this issue.

Next week we will continue the subject with film producer, Ginger Gentile, who will offer more definition and hope for recovery from the voices of the children. These may be two of our most important shows on the Next Chapter with Charlie.

Be sure to tune in for Part II next week!


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4 thoughts on “#62 Erasing Families Pt 1: Mom”

  1. It’s not equal look up the percentage of single home parents being female as against male.Truth is facts not guessing.

    1. I agree with you Kurtis. I think Mom was simply making the point that both men and women are impacted by Erasing Family. Sorry that we appeared to misrepresent the truth. In fact, the following show is with film producer Ginger Gentile, who produced the film Erasing Dad in Argentina, makes the point even more clearly.

    1. I know. We really downplayed Parental Alienation in the 2nd interview. Hopefully the subject is much, much more important than one person. Thanks for your consideration.

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