#52 Lisa Komisza-Keeping Fit When You Don’t Like Gyms

November 7, 2017 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments


My guest today is Lisa Komisza, fitness expert extraordinaire who describes herself as a peak performance personal fitness trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine.

Lisa and I talk a lot about how to stay fit when you hate gyms! You’ll still need to exercise and watch your diet, but Lisa gives excellent feedback on staying fit without trying to be a body-builder.

As an advanced trainer working with clients of all ages and athletic ability, Lisa was recognized company-wide as “Trainer of the Year” for all The Sports Club LA locations nationally for Four consecutive years. She is consistently the top ranked trainer at a highly exclusive club in Orange County and received the “Lifetime Achievement” award for ten plus years of excellence.

Lisa’s areas of expertise include bodybuilding, body sculpting, eating disorders, weight loss, peak athletic performance, endurance, corrective exercise, increased energy and overall wellness. And I might add unofficial psychologist?which we will talk about later.

She creates a personalized training program that allows her clients to reach their fitness goals in the shortest period of time, while creating healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Finally, Lisa has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and is passionate about guiding her clients through a holistic approach to health and wellness with an emphasis on the integration of both physical and mental fitness.

You can learn more from Lisa at www.Executivefitnesspros.com

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